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Comment on this post if you'd like to sign up as a host, or if you find you're unavailable for the week you're scheduled for. You can sign up for one week as a guest host, or you can ask to be added to our regular rotation (i.e., we'll call on you whenever we run out of guest hosts). You can also come back for multiple guest stints. If you want to come in as a guest host, please let us know when you'd like to host or just ask for next available.

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Posting early again.

And for the last day, we have my picks for the 4 Hottest Actors on the Planet. Yes, they are all ladies. Yes, these are the same ladies I posted about on my journal not long ago :)

Day 7

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In case you haven't been on the internet for the past 4 years, this entry contains spoilers as to the real identity of River Song.

Day 5

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My theme for this week is going to be 'The 40 Hottest Actors on the Planet, According to Me'. I may end up posting a few 'almost made the cut' pics in the comments section, so this could very well end up being a 50 Hottest list but we'll see :)

For anyone who knows me, you will not be surprised that the male/female ratio leans heavily toward the ladies. However, there are a handful of men who made the cut, hence why it's not called the 'Hottest Actresses' list.

Day One

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Yeah I am somewhat of a slow poke this week.. So on my final day you get a two-fer because I missed yesterday (by a few hours)

 photo stananathan1--1052189605114055111.jpg

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Couldn't go and do Dean without Sam.. Just the way it works. Sorry I missed yesterday, I had a busy rotten day.

Sorry the front one is a little big.. But.. well.. GUH! 

 photo tumblr_static_jared.jpg

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If anyone's been thinking about hosting here--or wants another round--we currently have a line-up of ZERO! Absolutely no one is scheduled to host after this week, which means this is a great time to come sign up if you're interested.
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Sorry about the last two days. One day I was held hostage in the auditorium where we are performing starting the end of next week. Then it was the 4th and I had to be in our towns parade and other festivities to represent the musical.

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So I lied yesterday.. NCIS week.. :p
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So I decided to make it NCIS Los Angeles week! :D

 photo renee_felice_smith_cute_modeling_hetty_shirt_4lJ1iv8sized.jpg
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Because I am stuck on her so hard right now. Girl crush city. Such pretty photo shoots for her lately.

 photo 268372_10150252737301797_2696194_n.jpg

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