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Ok it's late-but it's still Sunday for me! I'm on time! lol

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Last day for me, so it's a big one today. :) Thanks for putting up with All-Amanda week...if you liked it, that's even better <3

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She's even beautiful in what should be the most unflattering of photos.

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Today I'm devoting my post to a particular character of Amanda's....dorky!sam, the alternate timeline Samantha Carter from the season 8 finale Moebius. Dorky, awkward, and completely adorable, this is possibly my favourite Sam episode of the series.

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I debated about the pic to use above the cut and I never get tired of that snuggling pic.

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Almost forgot posting Claudia... HOW COULD I?!?!?!?

this is clearly a MUST HAVE in any hot people comm.



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