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Couldn't go and do Dean without Sam.. Just the way it works. Sorry I missed yesterday, I had a busy rotten day.

Sorry the front one is a little big.. But.. well.. GUH! 

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Osric Chau is the Chinese Canadian who you'll recognize as the young prophet in Supernatural. He's actually aspired to work in stunts. Maybe we'll see him kickassing in Supernatural later on? He'll be appearing in Quentin Tarantino's The Man with the Iron Fists along with Lucy Liu.


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 And today I have for you the lovely and charming Misha Collins, who currently owns my soul. With bonus Amanda Tapping after the cut!

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 So sorry that I forgot to post yesterday, everyone! I had my last midterm today and I blanked out yesterday. But here, have a few pictures of the lovely Alona Tal.

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