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Hi everyone! I apologize for the nearly complete lack of posts in June. It's been a busy month. But we're back now! (And we're still in need of hosts, if anyone has some pictures they want to share. You can sign up here.)

Today's pic:

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 photo tumblr_mlgz8ocw4H1qgawcao1_500.jpg
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Sorry about yesterday. I had to catch up on my sleep from the previous 30 hours of not sleeping.. and also my kids jacked my computer to watch Oz the Great and Powerful near abouts the time I woke up.
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I've been watching out of the corner of my eye as my daughter watches Zendaya on the Disney Channel and she has recently been on Dancing With the Stars ((at age 16!!)).. and has made it up to the final 4! I'll be keeping my eye on this beautiful up and coming star!

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